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Zynga Social Gaming Network Breaks Even Amongst Competitors

World domination comes to
the social space

The Zynga Game Network recently broke even selling text ads for Facebook apps. It will soon sell ads for traditional advertisers.

Zynga builds online games for social networks like Facebook, Bebo, Friendster, and Meebo.

Available games include poker, blackjack, Risk, Boggle, and Battleship. Its version of Texas Hold 'Em has drawn hundreds of thousands of regular users, reports The New York Times.

Zynga, one among 7,000 apps piggy-backing Facebook, lavishes in investment capital from Silicon glitterati: A Facebook board member, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, and ex-AOL CEO Robert W. Pittman.

Zynga also plans to tie its gaming network together with a universal chat room that allows users across all networks to play together. The company aspires to launch an average of four to eight games a month.


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