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Zynga Moves Further Away from Facebook

Zynga announced the imminent arrival of its own platform at with the apparent goal of gaining some independence from Facebook.

Still Ties To Facebook

The new platform,  in beta and expected to roll out later this month, still maintains serious ties to Facebook though—users can sign in with their Facebook IDs. Also Facebook Credits is still the coin of the realm.  It would be unlikely that Zynga would even want to divorce itself entirely from Facebook: it accounted for approximately 12% of the company’s revenue last year, according to the Facebook prospectus.

But Seeking a Separate Identity Too

However, Zynga does want to forge a separate if not complementary identify from Facebook. To that end it will offer a feature that will allow people to look for social gaming friends who aren’t part of their Facebook network. It is also inviting third party developers to create games for the new platform.

Will It Work?

The question is, will this strategy work or will Zynga remain dependent on Facebook? One point to consider: by building a social network apart from Facebook, Zynga is pursuing a strategy that mobile social game companies have had great success with already. One example is Storm8,  which started in 2009. At that time, services like Apple Game Center didn't exist. Storm8 built its user network from scratch, around games like Zoo Story, iMobsters and World War on Android and iOS–and as of last year, Facebook as well.


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