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Zynga Targets a Different Type of User with OMGPOP

There has been much speculation on the direction of Zynga since its IPO. Clearly it wants to carve out a separate identity from Facebook, but it is not willing to loosen the ties too much.  However, its just-announced acquisition of OMGPOP, the maker of the wildly popular "Draw Something" shows that Zynga is not just interested in separating itself from Facebook—but that it also wants to attract a different type of user.

"Zynga focuses on games that allow players to interact with each other in a turn-based setting," David Tomczyk, assistant professor of management at the Quinnipiac University School of Business, told the E-Commerce Times.

"OMGPOP focuses more on games that have players interacting in real-time," he noted. He noted that games 'FarmVille' and 'Mafia Wars' tend to have players return day after day to complete a more of the game, with satisfaction being doled out over a period of time. OMGPOP's games, meanwhile offer immediate gratification because they have a clearly defined ending and provide closure. They also are perfect for gamers who don’t necessarily want to draw in their friends to play.

Advertising Success

As Zygna expands the type of games it offers, it will no doubt experiment with ad technologies geared to those players’ orientation. The Gap realized a significant success from a recent Zynga-based campaign. The retailer delivered 2.5 million mobile ad impressions and achieved a CTR of 0.93% in just over two weeks via a campaign that combined display advertising with geo-fencing technology, according to eConsultancy.

Display ads were placed at transport locations in New York, San Francisco and Chicago. A geo-fence was created around these ads, which served an ad through Zynga’s Words With Friends app. The ad included a coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase. Chris Gayton, Gap's senior director of media and brand engagement, told TechCrunch that the campaign was a good way to "close the loop" by giving someone incentive to come into the store right after Gap has delivered its brand message. A 0.93 CTR is better than double industry average, with San Francisco outperforming all of the locations with a 1.17% CTR.


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