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YouTube's Year in Video


With Time Magazine's announcement that You are its Person of the Year because of the proliferation of user-powered content, Wired has posted a slew of the best online videos of 2006.

The Confessional. Topping the list is Lonelygirl15's confessional videos that became an overnight sensation, while geriatric1927 became everyone's surrogate grandpa, telling war stories to younger folk.

Catching Racism in the Act. From Michael Richard's (a.k.a. Kramer) comedy meltdown, captured on a camera phone, to Sen. George Allen's obscure racist reference, YouTube shows us that racism is indeed, all around us.

Dance, America! Comedian & Motivational Speaker Judson Laipally's Evolution of Dance clip put him on YouTube's most watched, while OK Go's homemade, treadmill-saturated video won a spot on MTV's Video Music Awards.

Fun with Science. From Mentos & Diet Coke science experiments, to putting you-name-it in a blender, YouTube brought edutainment to a higher level.

Daily Photos. Finally, a few people added taking a picture of themself to their daily routine over a long period of time. One guy doesn't change much aside from facial hair over six years, while a woman shows her pregnant belly over nine months - in twenty seconds.


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