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YouTube's 'Related Videos' Include Related Ads

Some of the "related videos" being displayed after embedded YouTube videos are actually Google Ads, reports ZDNet.

If you've watched an embedded YouTube video on a blog or website recently, you've noticed Google has begun displaying related videos after they were over, previously a feature only seen on the YouTube website.

Some of the related videos, which appear across the bottom of the video player screen, are actually Google video ads. The paid placements are identified with a "Sponsored" label and a note that the video came through AdWords.

Placing sponsored ads in videos embedded on other sites significantly expands the reach of those ads. Ad spots could be viewed on sites whose publishers do not participate in AdSense.

It also means advertisers could have their spots broadcast on any number of sites.

One possible problem with this system is that it does not allow the advertiser to prevent its ads from appearing on sites with content it finds inappropriate.


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