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YouTube Videos: 9,305 Years' Worth Viewed

YouTube may not give out much information about itself, but Lee Gomes of the Wall Street Journal has conducted an archaeological dig of sorts, boring into the site and scraping data - and deriving some interesting information (via Micro Persuasion).

The total time that worldwide video watchers have spent watching YouTube videos since its launch amounts to a whopping 9,305 years. Within the past month alone, the number of videos on YouTube increased by some 20 percent, from 5.1 million to 6.1 million, according to the Journal, and the total number of video views had surpassed 1.73 billion as of this week.

Some 70 percent of YouTube's registered users are from the U.S., and about half are under the age of 20. Half a million people have created profiles of themselves on the site.

YouTube videos take up some 45 terabytes of storage and require several million dollars' worth of bandwidth to transmit each month. Nearly 2,000 videos have "Zidane" in the title.


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