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Youth Study: Women Like Social Networks, Men Like Sports Sites

A recent study on the top 10 websites among young males and females shows Google as the most favored, reports eMarketer (via MediaBuyerPlanner). Youth Trends, a website researcher, conducted a study in July 2006 with males and females between age 16 and 24. The research measures the percent of respondents to the top 10 sites. Google is favored among 31 percent of females and 34 percent of males.

However, for subsequent choices, males and females differ, according to Youth Trends. Females prefer social network sites such as Facebook and MySpace, and males tend to prefer ESPN, Google and Yahoo. "For females on the web right now, posting and sharing photos is big, so you can essentially say: females are to digital photos as males are to sports," Josh Weil of Youth Trends is quoted as saying.

Youth Trends also measures favorite TV shows, magazines, and videos among young people, and found that 28 percent of female respondents listed Cosmopolitan as their favorite magazine, whereas 21 percent of male respondents listed their favorite magazine as Sports Illustrated.


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