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Yahoo Develops Self-Serve Display Ad Product

In a bid to draw the business of small, brick-and-mortar companies, Yahoo launched a self-service platform called My Display Ads.

"Display advertising isn't just for the big companies, anymore," the product description reads. "Yahoo! My Display Ads offers an easy, affordable way to create banner ads and run them across the Yahoo! network in a matter of days."

The process — targeted to clients whose ad budget is less than $2500 per month — is marketed as simple as three steps: create the ad, target your campaign and track performance.


"This just opens up access to small advertisers, which we think is important to the overall market," said Sales Senior VP Joanne Bradford to Advertising Age.

To develop the product, Yahoo partnered with startup AdReady, which sells creative tools that let marketers develop proprietary advertisements. Their selection of 800 ad templates includes dancing mobile phones, countdown clocks and pieces proclaiming "amazing values." Users can also upload their own creative.

Ads are purchased by CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) or CPC (cost-per-click) auction. Inventory includes both Yahoo-owned and network partners under Yahoo's Right Media network.

My Display Ads is currently in pilot stage.

Earlier this month, Google announced plans to launch a revamped version of the display ad exchange it owns as part of its purchase of DoubleClick. The platform will incorporate unified features from both Google and DoubleClick ad placement software.


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