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Wolfram|Alpha Highlights Growing Popularity of Voice Search

Wolfram|Alpha has launched a new search service for which users have to pay. The price is minimal, at $5 per month, however it represents a major shift from the current search business model, which of course is free. The product Wolfram|Alpha is rolling out, its Pro version, is best suited for mathematical or scientific use, given that it can accept up to 60 different inputs—although one example the developer gave to the New York Times involved determining the relationship among email recipients, which might be of interest to marketers.

Siri's Popularity

More relevant, at least in the short term, is the growing popularity of the free version, which is fueling Siri’s voice search for the iPhone.

A Niche Service Voice search has been a niche service offering for years, dating back to 2008 when Verizon and Yahoo introduced new voice search products.  Also, since 2010 Android users have been able to link voice search queries made from their devices to their Google Accounts.

Then came voice search’s popularization via Siri in the iPhone, and the service has been steadily incorporated into other products as well. Microsoft added Bing on Xbox last year, allowing users to search via voice for shows, movies, apps and Xbox games.

Time to Start Thinking about Landing Pages for Voice Search?

Such trends suggest marketers might want to start thinking about landing pages specifically for voice search. Data from Chitika shows that people who search with their voice are nearly three times more likely to be looking for local results - a significant figure considering that 20% of search queries are local.  It does make sense, Chitika notes, as searching by speaking is often done in the car, leading to a higher proportion of locally-oriented queries. With this in mind, website owners might want to consider developing specialized landing pages for the different types of Google traffic, it said.

"For example, a consumer goods manufacturer with an e-commerce site may see better overall results if they show voice search traffic a special landing page with places to purchase products locally, rather than simply showing their e-commerce site."


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