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Windows 8 from the Marketer's Perspective

The user interface will be based on touchscreen technology. Furthermore that same technology will be used across a wide range of computing devices from PCs to laptop to tablets.

Whether that will work well for each format is an open question. Maintaining one OS for all of those devices runs counter to Apple's philosophy, ReadWriteWeb points out, which has separate OS's for these products.

It will look and act similar Windows Phone’s tiled Metro UI. There are colorful tiles that represent apps and finger-swipe gestures that open functions and switches between apps. It is Social Times says, is a very good approach for tablets. “But, you have to wonder how this will work on mouse and keyboard oriented desktops and notebooks.  Also, it adds, it is unclear how software applications not designed for a tiled window system or touch gestures will function in Windows 8.

The tablet experience won't be like Android - that is, different designs and devices based on the manufacturer's vision or cost controls. That is because Microsoft is asking chip suppliers Intel, Nvidia, AMD, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments to each partner with one or two hardware makers to which it will supply its chips. (via Bloomberg).

Microsoft is trying to replicate the same development environment as the Apple iPad, Wes Miller, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft, told the E-Commerce Times. "Apple has the luxury of maintaining complete control over the entire process, from the chip to the end product design. Microsoft doesn't have that control, it never has and it never will," he said. "It wants to ensure a consistent product among partners and a limited number of devices that it needs to test."


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