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When Holograms Meet QR Codes

Another day, another new application for QR Codes.

Marketing Ad Group has incorporated QR codes into its Holographic Greeter/Concierge’s message. The blending of the two technologies results in a holographic image projected onto a life-sized cut-out.

The Holographic Greeter can be positioned anywhere in a store, acting as an in-store information desk and providing personal greetings. The inclusion QR Codes in the message lets advertisers deliver messages via a medium that is already catching consumers’ eyes, the company says.

The platform uses coded QR Codes to convey different messages. Green-colored QR codes convey from simple contact information, reservations or directions. The red colored discount QR code offers up discounts or special offers, further enticing patrons.

The QR Case for Customer Service

Mindshare Technologies introduced its own twist on this technology – a QR code-based application to that lets customers provide feedback via their mobile device. The codes can be installed on a variety of touchpoints, including doors and wall posters or product packaging, brochures, marketing collateral and even sales receipts. Once scanned, the QR code prompts customers to access survey forms on a mobile device.


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