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WAA Wants to Clear Cookies' Bad Rep

An initiative by an analytics group hopes to convince consumers that cookies are good for them, too - not just for marketers.

The Web Analytics Association (WAA) wants to demystify cookies and clear any associations between cookies and spyware, and to do so it will create materials for use by its members to share with consumers and others, reports ClickZ. The much-maligned cookie has been included in initial drafts of anti-spyware legislation (then removed) and targeted by overzealous spyware-filtering applications.

"Cookies are used for measurement, especially things like frequency and loyalty measurement that help publishers learn to monetize content," Jay McCarthy, co-chair of the group's advocacy committee and VP of business development at WebSideStory is quoted as saying. "It's not always clear to users, but that's part of the ecosystem of the free internet."

The advocacy committee will help WAA member analytics providers and publishers to educate their users about the ways cookies are used by marketers, and how they can improve user experience on websites. The WAA is also restating its anti-spyware position and supports legislation targeting spyware's deceptive practices.

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