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Utah Exposes Kids' Addresses on Do-Not-Email List

In a gaffe of major proportions, the state of Utah has divulged email addresses of the children on its so-called child-protection do-not-email list. Proponents of the registry had claimed that it was foolproof.

The mistake stems from citations that the state issued recently against companies it said sent email to children's addresses who were on the registry, writes Direct Magazine (via MediaBuyerPlanner). The emails promoted alcohol, gambling and pornography. When Justin Weiss, director of legislative affairs for the Email Sender and Provider Coalition, requested copies of the citations, the state of Utah sent those copies without removing the email addresses of the children in the complaints.

The incident was not exactly a breach of its do-not-email registry, but critics argue that it is proof the system puts children's addresses in danger of being released.


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