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Under the Microscope: Facebook's latest design change and what it means for advertisers

What: Another tweak to Facebook's layout. It makes personal information about the user more prominent. It also gives users options to highlight the friends are important to them. For instance, Josh Wiseman, a Facebook engineer who introduced the changes in a blog post (after Mark Zuckerberg's appearance on 60 Minutes Sunday night first announced the changes) is featuring his Ultimate Frisbee teammates.

Why: Facebook tweaks its layout periodically for various reasons that range from privacy changes to a desire to keeping the page looking fresh.

What It Means for Advertisers: The new layout may encourage users to share even more information with and about their friends, the LA Times noted. "If users do share more, that could create a bonanza for advertisers who could target users based on that data." Also, by making the profile page more enticing for users, it may encourage the laggards to keep their profiles more up to date, according to Altimeter Group analyst Charlene Li. Now that the profile page is more prominent, users who have neglected to update their profile for months or years will be more likely to do so, she said.


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