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Uh Oh… Mom SEC Now Reading Facebook

SEC's Response to Netflix

Rules for formally presenting information to investors without favoring one group over another were well meant, but just about any piece of information can move a tech stock nowadays. Best example today is Netflix CEO's current run-in with the U.S. stock regulator, which is investigating whether a self-congratulatory Facebook post about having streamed more than 1 billion hours of content in a month was improper.

The stock jumped six percent that day, which may or may not have had anything to do with the post. Netflix jumps and dives in the single digits most days.

It begs the question whether or not disclosing an SEC form on through the Commission's antiquated system is more or less public and fair than posting on Facebook, which - to put it very mildly - has larger reach. If the SEC is going to play helicopter parent on company Facebook posts, it might consider the currently popular method of doing so by creating its own embarrassing public post response.

The social media streams coming out of blogs, tweets, Facebook posts and other social content are all watched avidly by tech stock analysts and have been for years. Information dealing with financials has generally been cross-posted through the SEC system, usually through press releases created solely for the purpose. If non-financial data is considered regulable, then publicly traded companies could see their competitiveness in the social marketing landscape put at a disadvantage.


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