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Twittad Brings Sponsored Hashtags to Land Rover Effort

Land Rover launched an integrated campaign using Twitter and out-of-home venues like billboards and taxi TVs.

The campaign uses "hashtags," or words used in tweets that make it easier to follow a conversation via online searches, in out-of-home venues to spread word of the Twitter-based effort, reports MediaBuyerPlanner.

The effort attempts to build conversations around the debut of new Land Rover models at the New York Auto Show. Twittads, a social media affinity network, was tapped by Wunderman, the direct marketing firm planning the integrated campaign, to boost its launch, writes AdAge.

Twittad has a group of 4,500 Tweeters, paid to post on topics and brand their profiles. For Land Rover, 15 Tweeters pushed messages about the Land Rover's New York Auto Show debut to more than 300,000 followers.

Consumers can write the hashtag #LRNY within Tweets to comment about the new Land Rover vehicles, or to post links, news and photos. While other car brands, including Ford and Honda, are using Twitter, Land Rover is the first to actively use branded hashtags in its campaign, according to Brand Republic.

Twittad allows Tweeters to be sorted by geography, demographic and interest, which means more targeted appeals, preventing Twitter users from feeling like they're being spammed by advertisers. James Eliason, CEO of Twittad, said the company did not get a single complaint about the Land Rover campaign, which indicates "that our connectors have influence," he says.

Eliason expects Twittad to break even by the end of its first year. The company launched eight months ago.

Recently, Volvo drew attention with an ad effort on YouTube that incorporated real-time Tweets from the New York Auto Show.


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