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Tweets Predict Oscar Upset

Twitter community conversations predict “The Hurt Locker” will upset the mega-blockbuster “Avatar” for Best Picture at this year’s Oscar awards, according to communications agency Waggener Edstrom Worldwide.

‘The Hurt Locker’ Edges Out ‘Avatar’

Based on analysis of tweets by the WE twendz pro service, most Twitter dialogue about the Oscars has centered on “The Hurt Locker” and “Avatar.” (via MarketingCharts).

While science fiction epic “Avatar” has grossed far more at the box office than Iraq war drama “The Hurt Locker,” (or any other film in Hollywood history), WE twendz pro analysis of Twitter communications has revealed several factors tipping the scales toward “The Hurt Locker”:

■Many of the supporting tweets for “Avatar” as best picture referenced its budget and sales.

■Those supporting “Hurt Locker” focused on its plot, characters and director Kathy Bigelow’s directing capabilities.

■The average number of followers for an “Avatar” Twitter voter was more than 110.

■The average number of followers for a “Hurt Locker” Twitter voter was more than 220. The prediction by the WE twendz pro service is based on tweets noting a definitive vote for “Hurt Locker” or “Avatar,” while accounting for overall level of influence. “Hurt Locker” was the winner with more than 460 votes, and “Avatar” received more than 200 votes.

In addition, noted film critic Roger Ebert was identified as a top influencer and contributor to the Academy Awards conversations on Twitter. Ebert picks “The Hurt Locker” for best picture and “Avatar” as the other top candidate.

Don’t Count ‘Avatar’ Out

In good internet-related news for “Avatar’s” Best Picture chances, “Avatar” is dominating overall online buzz surrounding Oscar-nominated films, according to analysis by Nielsen. The film received 27% of total online buzz surrounding the 10 Oscar-nominated films for Best Picture this year. This was significantly more buzz than generated by its next-closest competitor, “The Hurt Locker,” which represented about 17% of online buzz.


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