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Top Weekly Tools: Google's 'Uncover Your World' mobile ad format | Top 10 PPC Twitter accounts | Learn with Google

Google's "Uncover Your World" Mobile Ad Format

Google and its agency, Grow Interactive have created an interactive mobile format that uses AdMob’s rich media capabilities. It debuted the format with an ad campaign called "Uncover Your World" that invites the user to explore a virtual cityscape and learn via a self-paced storyline how the Google Search app can "uncover" facts about the world with features like search with voice and search with the phone’s camera.

AdMob's features that have been incorporated in the format include animated HTML5 banners, interactive HTML5 interstitials and expandables, extensive video content In-line video and audio, so the users stay within the ad instead of being directed to the phone’s media player and unlockable games where users tap, touch, and tilt to play.
On average, users spend over a minute and a half interacting with the ad, and of those, 50% go on directly from the ad to download the app, Google said.


  • Google has released Adwords Editor 9.5! The new version supports Campaign Experiments, Location Extensions, and other features to boost productivity. Go here to see the complete list of feature updates in the AdWords Editor Version 9.5 release notes.
  • A webinar, "Making Money on Mobile, Best Practices and Tips for Monetizing Mobile Games," will be held at 1:00 pm PT, Wednesday, August 31th. It is hosted by Rob Carroll, director of publishing for Tapjoy. Go here to register.
  • Google has launched Learn with Google, a new site for businesses to learn about Google products and services like AdWords, Google Apps, Places, Analytics, and so on.
  • A list of 10 top PPC experts to follow on Twitter.


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