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Top Weekly Tools: Adobe SearchCenter + | New AdWords Metrics | 3 Sitelinks Lines

Adobe SearchCenter+ Adds Keyword Performance Predictive Analytics

Adobe SearchCenter+ has added keyword performance predictive analytics through a partnering agreement with OptiMine Software. The OptiMine algorithms will help SearchCenter+ keyword performance data to more accurately predict keyword performance and automatically generate optimal bids accordingly.

AdWord’s New Top of the Page Bid Metric

There is a new metric in AdWords — top of page bid estimates. It provides additional assistance in optimizing ads to show above the search results by approximating the cost-per-click (CPC) bid needed for an ad to appear regularly in the top positions above the search results. This feature complements AdWord’s new “Top vs. side” report segment, which shows how an ads performs above and to the side of Google search results.

AdWords Updates ValueTrack to Show Where Ad Appeared

AdWords made an update to ValueTrack, a feature for users of third-party tracking software — an additional ValueTrack parameter that lets the user see the position on the page on which the ad appeared. To use, set the destination URL to:{adposition}. When you receive a click, your display URL will show in your logs with the ad position replaced with values such as: “1t2” = page 1, top, position 2 “1s3” = page 1, side, position 3.


Search Engline Land reports that AdWords ads are displaying with three lines of sitelinks, and Google has updated its help documents to indicate that “up to six” and “three-line” Ad Sitelinks are now being displayed. “Generally speaking, the multi-line AdSitelinks are only displayed when the ad is deemed an ideal match for the user’s search query, and is usually triggered by a query that includes a brand name,” it says.


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