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Top Toolkit News: Google Analytics' new dashboard | Google's Media Ad format | AdSense's Custom Search Ads | 5 ways to manage your online reputation

Google Shows Off Core Features of New Analytics Dashboard

Google is starting to provide glimpses of what the new version of Google Analytics, currently available in beta to a small number of users, looks like. It is starting out with the new version’s Dashboard, which has been redesigned to be completely widget-based. There are four types of widgets - Metric, Pie Chart, Timeline, and Table - that can be placed anywhere on the Dashboard’s three-column layout, according to the user’s preference.

Briefly the widgets illustrate the following:

Metric shows the value of a metric and a sparkline of that metric over the selected time period.

Pie Chart is best suited for displaying breakdowns of a metric by a certain dimension. For example, visits by browser type.

Timeline is a graph of any metric over time. A user can also compare two metrics in the same graph.

Table is similar to a mini-custom report. A dashboard can show one dimension with two metrics and up to 10 rows of data in a table.

The new Analytics platform also lets users create multiple custom dashboards, up to 20 per profile. Google says it will roll out core features of the new dashboard first with others to follow. It will also bring over some of the features over from the current dashboard to the new one, such as the ability to share, email, and export a dashboard, something it is working on now.

Google Introduces Media Ads for Movie Industry; Plans to Expand to Other Sectors

Google has introduced a new ad format called Media Ads for the movie industry that it eventually plans to roll out to other industries that use video as advertising. It is a standalone product for video ads that is targeted and priced differently from its Video Extensions product, which attaches a video player to an existing AdWords ad. It uses a Lightbox media player that expands to the center of the screen and dims the rest of the page around it when someone clicks on the video. Targeting is automated, based on the terms of a search. Clicks are charged a flat rate.

AdSense's Custom Search Ads

AdSense has rolled out a new search product called Custom Search Ads. Users can specify the precise width of each ad unit along with the number of individual ads to display, the ad layout, font size, font face, and much more. They can also develop and launch new search ad formats and extensions without an update to the search code. Google is only accepting a limited number of publishers, who have to apply to use the product.


5 ways to manage your online reputation.


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