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Top Toolkit News: 127 new dimensions added to Google Analytics Data Export API | Analytics code of ethics | Amazon email service |

Google Analytics Adds 127 New Dimensions to API

Google has added 127 new dimensions and metrics to its Google Analytics Data Export API.

Some of the new data points include:

  • Unique visitors - ga:visitors metric has been updated to support the true number of unique visitors for any date range (instead of the daily unique visitors).
  • Organic Searches - The number of organic searches within a session.
  • 10 new Adwords dimensions - including Matched Query (what people searched for, not the bid term) and Placement Domain (which site the content ads were running on).
  • Search Result Views - The number of times a search result page was viewed. 3 Time dimensions - To simplify plotting graphs. Google also included 111 calculated metrics to query most common calculations in the reports, such as bounce rate, cost per conversion, and margin.

Amazon Launches Email Service

Amazon is incorporating a bulk email delivery services in its cloud offerings called Amazon Simple Email Service. The service lets users pay for only what they use, with a free tier, excluding data transfer fees, of up to 2,000 emails per day when emails are sent from an Amazon EC2 instance or AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Over that, 1,000 emails can be sent for just 10 cents. Given the challenges businesses face in sending emails reliably, and the costs often involved, it would not be surprising if that Amazon SES becomes one of Amazon's most popular cloud offerings, eConsultancy writes.

It also notes that at least one email marketing executive - Marc Munier of pure360 - is not concerned about Amazon's move into the ESP space, as its service lacks the capacity to send large number of emails, as well as the campaign management and reporting tools provided by others.

Analytics Code of Ethics

An industry group called the Web Analytics Association is calling for a code of ethics that would require followers to ensure that anything they build will give consumers a means to opt out of tracking and that the privacy policies provide a clear explanation of data collection and usage (via the Wall Street Journal). The association is posting the names and locations of people who sign the code to encourage enforcement.


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