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Top Tips: Google's Webmaster/ Analytics Pilot | InKnowledge's Modular Plug-in | Microsoft Advertising Intelligence | Shooting business videos

Participate in Google's Webmaster/ Analytics Pilot

Google is launching a limited pilot program that integrates data and tools from Webmaster Tools and Analytics. Join it if you are able, writes Rob Young at Search Engine Land, even though the cross-service tools for the pilot program look to start out as fairly limited. "Perhaps the most exciting thing about this pilot program is its implication for Webmaster Tools and Analytics. Consolidating accounts may be part of the longer term plan of social analytics and Google +1," he says.

Sign up for the pilot here.

InKnowledge's Modular Plug-in for Customizable Infobox Control

Ricky Brundritt, cofounder and CTO, InKnowledge, writes a guest post about this on the Bing blog. While working on the Bing Maps Locator Wizard he needed a highly customizable infobox control. What the company developed worked so well it released the code to the modular plug-in to the Bing Maps community.

Why he created it: There are a couple of caveats to using the infobox control that Microsoft created, starting with it points up and to the right and does not reposition itself.

What is special about this plug in: The goal was to have the content positioned in the center of the map to ensure users can see the infobox. So InKnowledge broke the map into quadrants and modifed the layout of the infobox such that the content is positioned in the middle of the map. It also uses CSS borders to customize the arrows.


  • You're about to start your first search campaign, advertising a new car insurance product, but you have no idea what the average CPC is, what the seasonality looks like, what your typical audience is and you want to go live as soon as possible. Where do you start? A primer on using Microsoft's Advertising Intelligence tool.


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