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Top Stories: Yahoo Not Sucking| Spam War Being Won | User-Powered Review Sites Seek Some Small Business-Power


  • Yahoo's figures showed revenue growth, profit growth and the key search metrics (paid clicks, etc.) also growing. Such shifts in perceived financial direction are often a bit bumpy between CEO change-outs, outs, as Yahoo recently experienced, although usually the incoming CEO tries to make the existing financials look as bad as possible.


  • It hasn't made may headlines, but spam has been receding. Brian Krebs shows us the data corroborating the sense that spam is finally lessening, in part due to the take-downs of specific bad actors by law enforcement.


  • It has come to this: in addition to all of the screen time small business owners now must spend to just manage their basic online presence, search engine optimization and marketing, now those "user-powered" review sites are starting to put up management interfaces, allowing them to spend further time in front of their computers.


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