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Top News: Publishers Wring Hands | Moving Bill as Soft Target for Mischief | Facebook Makes Some Campaigns Tougher


  • Some are searching for the added value publishers bring, which could help them survive the media exchange price plunge, but they're not finding it.



  • The U.S. House passed a bill, reportedly pushed by Netflix that would confirm the video purveyor's legal ability to collect, use and publish information about people's video choices. The bill, similar to an earlier suggestion coming out of the Senate Judiciary Committee, now moves back to that body minus some privacy protection riders. If publishes or other would-be regulation meddlers wished to sneak something into legislation, this could be the vehicle to send such a payload.


  • In a sign of how far email marketing has come, a story comes from Australia regarding a poorly-conceived McDonald's email social media campaign that operated in a way that failed to ensure that emails sent out to friends were done so with permission. Just a few years ago, this was the norm, and now a failure to comply with CANSPAM-like regulations is a news story.


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