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The Other PPC


  • Google's bid per call is dead. Long live flat-priced $1 calls.

Biz Buzz:

Worst Practices:

  • Marketers love schadenfreude. Admit it. Digiday sates your hunger for finding the humor and justice in the terrible mistakes of other marketers.



  • Hulu is still confused.

  • TubeMogul, on the other hand, a firm that doesn't bother with such old-school practices as producing content, raised $20 million to further develop the ad system that it employs to sell other people's content in the great trend to move media sales to real-time bidding (RTB).

  • The IAB wrings its hands on the engagement issue, although it represents the industry that remains unchallenged among media in the engagement and engagement measurement categories. The effort is designed to bring some sense to the many different measures that may themselves cause confusion.


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