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Top News: Google's search cleanup has major effect | Facebook's Like button now publishes full news feed | New online distribution channel for small biz ads | Google sees display as $200B biz


  • Google's search cleanup has big effect.
  • Google kills eHow competitors, eHow rankings up.

Social Media:

  • All of Facebook’s Like buttons on third-party sites now publish a full news feed story.
  • How influenced should you be by the rising obsession with 'social influencers'?

Ad Technologies:

  • Copy testing coming to digital marketing.

Online Ad Market:

  • Cutting out middleman to sell small ads online.
  • Google CEO: display ad market could become $200 billion biz.

Mobile Computing:

  • Verizon Wireless CEO says iPhone sales strong.
  • Moonlighting within Microsoft, in pursuit of new apps.

Pearls of Wisdom:

  • Social media experts explain best campaign practice.


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