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Top News: Facebook changes | TweetDeck updated | Pew's future of apps and web

Social Media:

  • Facebook takes photos high-def and full screen.
  • Facebook is said to buy 750 IBM patents to boost defenses.
  • Yahoo reportedly has a license to patents Facebook just bought from IBM.
  • TweetDeck updated with lists, activity, media.
  • For Pinterest, revenue will turn copyright questions into real problems.

Mobile Computing:

  • Pew: The future of apps and web.
  • Why Is RIM hiring iOS app developers?


  • Google Play mulls movie sales.
  • EBay to sell to PRIMEDIA.


  • Apple teases us with a peek at an advanced TV remote.


  • U.S. Congress grills 34 iOS developers on compliance with Appleā€™s app privacy policies in official letter.


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