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Top News: Biggest Search Changes | Aussies vs. Bikinis | AOL Twirls | Agency Roundup


  • The industry frets about the coming Facebook Ad Network.


  • Graphic illustration of the biggest changes in search engine results in 2012 from Search Engine Watch.


  • Australian ad groups are arguing over whether or not social media marketing (in this case, in the form of a tasteless poll regarding parts of a bikini-clad model) counts as marketing, and if so, if it should fall under their voluntary regulations.

Signs of Doom:

  • AOL's strategic direction half-life of six months may be shortening further as it is reversing the course plotted in the summer when it hired a media marketing honcho who was thought then would integrate the many marketing efforts of its diverse properties.


  • ISP data targeter Bering Media looks to link advertisers directly down to viewers' postal addresses.


  • The computer market must be worse than we thought since disrupted disrupter Dell is launching a social media agency of sorts, seeking to keep some of its 42,000 employees occupied while tablets run off with their traditional market.
  • The knightly CEO of WPP pronounces that Google is a big deal, observing also that his firm spends about $2 billion with the search giant, and is starting to feel that perhaps developing "agnostic platforms" might not be a bad idea.
  • Buried in a story on IPG's financials comes a statement by CEO Michael Roth that fiscal cliff fears may be playing a role in clients spending softness.


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