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Today's Stories: Graph Search Examined by Ad Execs | Conde Nast Tentatively Disrobes before Robots | More…

Robot Invasion:

  • Digiday react to Facebook's closely examines Conde Nast's experiments with offering its online media through the robots. Conde only allows its existing customers to use the systems, setting up a private exchange. The upshot: "It's getting people on the phones with buyers on the other side and highlighting what we have to offer. It’s not a heavy lift but not as frictionless as it should be."


  • Ad execs react to Facebook's announcement of Graph Search, the feature that allows members to search among objects and people based on criteria advertisers have been using on Facebook for some time, in addition to profile information. Particularly thoughtful were those of Neo@Ogilvy chief Sean Muzzy.


  • Yes, your suspicion was founded: agency creative teams do just sit around. But, of course, fully mindful of the client's core needs, at least as far as they've been able to ascertain over the past seven months.


  • NPR did a sting of sorts on pharmaceutical spammers, expecting fake drugs, and came to find the most surprising result: that the drugs they bought were by and large legit. [Warning: link is audio, and as per NPR preference, is 17 minutes long, without the ability to quickly scan]



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