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Today's Stories: Google Silence = Snootiness or Failure to Scale? | Some Publishers Capitulate on Ads, Rent Content Instead


  • Google employs tens of thousands of humans, but most people and firms working with the search giant wouldn't know it. Endemic are problems like this, when advertisers find that Google fails to respond to important business matters. Where Google's silence was once considered a form of search rules enforcement (better be good, because we won't be there to listen to your apology), it now appears to some to be more a matter of failing to scale.


  • Both buyers and sellers argued about the future of programmatic buying, or more particularly their future in the context of inevitable programmatic buying.
  • As brands run away from publishers in their efforts to create their own "content marketing," many are coming back, asking if they might borrow some, well, content. Syndicating content to advertisers is even in some cases made part of advertising deals.
  • Digiday had a great idea in comparing the price of a Super Bowl spot to various online media opportunities but they pulled their punch a bit as they compared the TV ad to the most branded and some of the most expensive online equivalents (Running a portal roadblock on AOL for 8 days does *not* sound great relative to a Super Bowl spot). They should have compared it to Facebook hyper targeted ads at $0.23 CPM, which would get you close to a kajillion GRPs.


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