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Today's Stories: Facebook as Attribution Play? | Crowdsourced Agency Work


  • Now that Facebook has matched up its massive and always-on audience to its ad exchange, one agency wag wonders if its some too-good-to-be-true sales results from Facebook campaigns may be due to an "attribution play," whereby the fact that its audience is so frequently connected causes the cookie set by Facebook to win the credit for any purchases. The idea harkens back to the infamous AOL Messenger ploy, where a pop-under refreshed all day and sucked up all the credit for the world's marketing campaigns.
  • Following on the heels of Wired's announcement that half its revenues have gone digital, the company that owns the Weather Channel says it is about to cross the same Rubicon. It also mentioned that it has 44 million mobile users of its online information versus 65 million unique users on PCs.
  • Don't really believe your ad agency's spiel about how it lives and breathes your brand? Or maybe you just don't feel like paying them? No problem, now you'll be able to crowdsource your ad concepts because a few VCs thought to give Tongal $15 million.
  • Digiday published an entertaining review of some senior ad executives' ideas of what they'd do if they'd never got entangled in the biz. None offered handmaiden to Satan or Turkish prison guard, although the sample was small.


  • Chasing mobile screen resolutions can take up a lot of time. One wonders whether the benefits won from optimized screen size are outweighed in the eyes of site users who are annoyed that the site isn't identical to the one they see in their computer browser. Isn't that why they bought a smartphone?


  • eConsultancy hoovered up lots of internet marketing-related statistics and published a paid compendium, and a sample document with a smattering of the content.


  • A much covered mention by a Google spokesperson that press release links do not have a positive effect on Google rankings has been shown to be inaccurate. The coverage indicated that few believed it at the time.
  • The WayBackMachine - the best-known web archive and bane of young executives who may have had too much fun and internet access during college years - is growing so quickly that it now contains roughly 30 pages of content for every human that was alive at some point from its inception in 1996.



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