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Today's Stories: Yahoo Deathwatch | Publishing Deathwatch | Primetime TV Deathwatch

Yahoo Deathwatch:

  • In a move that harkens back to Yahoo's initial value proposition, an effort called "Project Zed" is gearing to position the search, portal, applications, personalized content giant in position to be a personalized information hub, akin to tablet and mobile phone apps like Zite and Newsify.

Publishing Deathwatch:

  • Magna Global, one of the few firms still employing a professional prognosticator, points out that display advertising's 1.5 percent growth in a 14.4 percent growing market is due to price declines, and they're in a position to know. They also predict that 43 percent of display advertising will move to real-time bidding this year, which has to date implied commoditization of media, ergo more price declines.

TV Deathwatch:

  • No one in the media world will be shocked to learn what Simulmedia proved in a study: that primetime TV advertising is terribly inefficient in terms of value. What the study does not appear to measure is the tendency of primetime TV to be the most efficient vehicle across all media for ad agency staff to buy, regardless of the value given to its client.


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