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Despite Halo 3's Success, Xbox Seeks Love of Casual Gamers

Not for everyone

There's no doubt that Halo 3 for Microsoft's Xbox 360 is on every hardcore gamer's wishlist with 1.7 million advance orders in the States alone.

Unfortunately, the game is less than desirable in the hearts and minds of a growing number of "casual" gamers.

While Microsoft has no trouble drawing hardcore gamers to the hive, it's had difficulty gaining the attention of the casual gamer - something Nintendo excelled at with the launch of the Wii, according to Reuters.

The more affordable Wii features an innovative "TV remote-style" controller that gets more people - particularly self-described non-gamers - off the couch, and playing with each other.

Microsoft currently sells casual games online in its Xbox Live Marketplace, priced between US$5 and US$10, but fails to attract unlikely gamers in the same way the Wii has.

One analyst thinks hardcore gamer hype surrounding the Halo franchise can turn off casual gamers.


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