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The Quickly Changing Role of Apps on Facebook

Facebook is allowing third-party app developers to include tags of friends and locations, via the release of several new application programming interfaces.

That means, explains All Facebook, that Facebook users will be able to add location and information via a single post, as well as improve the ability to search for places and read posts with location.

For example, an app used to share your favorite meals can now make it possible to add where you ate and who you were with, Facebook said in its developer blog. This overture, Facebook explained, is part of its attempts to bring third-party apps deeper into the Facebook fold.

An About Face

It is quite an about face from a few weeks ago, when speculation was high that apps would disappear all together from Facebook, with the launch of Timeline for Pages.  One reason for that school of thought is because apps could no longer be the default tab on a brand page with Timeline.

Certainly that decreases the amount of direct traffic you can immediately drive to an app, Webtrends writes. "However, it’s not that big of a deal because most people aren’t visiting your page anyway – they will see your content in their Newsfeed. Since only .1% -.5% of fans actually go to your page, it’s the Newsfeed that counts."


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