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The Push to Kill QR Codes Continues

Swiss image recognition startup Kooaba has relaunched its flagship app so no QR code is required. The redesigned app offers more possibilities for users, The Next Web notes.  Previously, users would take a photo of a newspaper page and be taken to the online version.

"Now, a partnership with outdoor agency APG and print media agency Publicitas in Switzerland means that users will be able to snap a picture of an ad and be taken online for more information," Next Web said.

Kooaba's Tom Desmet notes the company skipped the QR code step because, as he says in a blog post, "despite the enormous media attention QR is getting, it still is not at a level where people are really using it. It does not seem to fit into people’s daily routine."

More Popular with Men

Much has been made of the QR code's drawbacks, despite its apparent popularity among marketers.

Still, though, it is clearly popular with some users.  Although men and women report equal awareness of QR codes (77%), men who are aware of them are 75% more likely than women to have used one (28% vs. 16%) to access product information, according to survey results released in February 2012 by BrandSpark International, in association with Better Homes and Gardens.

Looking at age groups, 18-34-year-olds (85%) display the highest awareness of QR codes, with 30% of those having used one. 35-49-year-olds are next, with 80% having heard of QR codes, and 23% of those respondents having used one.


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