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The One-Two Punch: CheetahMail Integrates Email, Facebook For Retargeting

Fast on the heels of the recently-launched Facebook Custom Audiences, Experian Marketing Services has announced a new service that enables marketers to target email subscribers with highly personalized Facbook ads in cross-channel campaigns, using Experian's Alchemy Social Ad Manager.

Alchemy Social in September was named a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD). Together, says Experian Marketing Services, CheetahMail and Alchemy Social can match client-defined customer email addresses to Facebook to effectively retarget email subscribers and build more meaningful connections.

This integration should augment the reach of any email campaign by providing related messaging on Facebook to boost the chance of having that message seen. Marketers can also reach users through Facebook ads that complete a specific action (like clicking on a link but not completing a purchase) or who did not receive their message through email. For example, non-openers or inactive subscribers can be shown a relevant Facebook ad as a way to re-engage or reactivate them to a brand or a Website.

Retargeting Can Double Email Opens

Email works: Knotice charted mobile retail email opens at 24.4% for the first half of 2012, as detailed in a July report. And retargeted email works even better. Epsilon in September reported that triggered email messages deployed as the result of an action (e.g., an abandoned shopping cart) vastly outperform business-as-usual emails. Open rates for triggered emails was just shy of 50% in Q2.

With this integration, says President of Experian Marketing Services Matt Seeley, Experian can offer a "completely seamless experience for our clients," with unified account teams able to execute highly relevant campaigns. "As the hyperconnected and empowered customer of today continues to move through marketing channels, this advanced advertising through Facebook is an effective way to ensure interactivity between brands and their customers and provide our clients with a substantial lift to their marketing efforts."

"Email marketers are continually challenged to improve response rates and the efficiencies of their campaigns, and we see this new form of Facebook advertising being an integral part of every email marketing program moving forward," said Rachel Bergman, CEO of Experian Alchemy Social, who describes the integration as a "massive opportunity" for marketers.

The service is available immediately.


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