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The Merits and Drawbacks of Recruiting Bloggers to Your Brand

Marks & Spencer has developed a Facebook campaign with digital agency Profero with the goal of targeting fashion bloggers. The campaign asks a select group of influential bloggers to make their own Limited Collection, writes Marketing Magazine. The point is to highlight the retailer push to develop more distinctive personalities for its own brands. As part of the campaign, bloggers are encouraged to wear items for the collection, building a new look every day.

What Not To Do

Contrast this campaign with an abortive one ConAgra recently tried to get off the ground. It invited several food bloggers to a dinner but didn’t tell them they would be eating a frozen dinner, the New York Times reports. ConAgra’s hope was that the bloggers would rave about the meal; instead many took to their blogs complaining about ConAgra’s sleigh of hand.

SocNet Marketers Should Target 'Megaphones'

ConAgra clearly went too far but its instinct - to get the influencers or industry megaphones on its side - was dead on. Marketers seeking to reach consumers via social networks should focus on a handful of social networking personas, according to a study from digital marketing firms ExactTarget and CoTweet last year, called "Subscribers, Fans and Followers". There are 12 all together, but the most valuable to marketers is the one dubbed Megaphone.

Who Are They?

Representing 7% of online consumers, Megaphones want to connect, educate, and share resources and information online with others. Despite the relatively small number of them, Megaphones have a disproportionately large influence on brands and the internet as a whole. These consumers are by far the most active group of consumers in social media of all types. 65% regularly maintain a website, blog, or both.


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