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The Latest Mobile Ad Networks: Cheaper, Integrated and More Private

Mobile ad networks are evolving as major players make changes in pricing, partnerships, policies such as privacy and feature sets to remain competitive.

Competitive Pricing

Apple continues to make concessions on pricing with its iAd network. In February, AdAge reported, it reduced the iAd minimum ad spend to $100,000 from $500,000. Two years ago it was $1 million. More recently, according to SlashGear, notified developers in its iAd program that they will get 10% more — 70%– in the percentage of income they are paid out from their ads.

New Partnerships, Converged Platforms

Companies are also forming innovative new partnerships –such as the announcement made by Samsung last week that it will be teaming up OpenX Technologies. It is a unique twist to the mobile ad network model in that they will sell space on applications via an ad exchange. The ad network will launch in the second half of the year. Pricing has not yet been announced.

The deal is also interesting because it is part of Samsung's larger strategy to enable advertising on all of its products–similar to its recently launched AdHub, which sells advertising for its Internet connected TVs. The OpenX partnership will incorporate AdHub with mobile devices.

An Emphasis on Privacy

Another new entrant is TRUSTe’s new mobile ad system, called TRUSTed Mobile Ads. It gives consumers greater control over how mobile marketers collect and use their personal information, complete with opt-out capabilities. It was developed in association with mobile advertisers, publishers, networks and platforms.


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