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Thankful for that Online Sale? Or Just Thankful for Your Customer in General? Send an Email Saying So

Email marketing touch points range from the welcome email to the "getting-to-know you email" to a graduated series of messages when it appears as though the customer is getting ready to bolt.

In between categories two and three, there is the "thank you email", not just for purchases but also for other occasions, writes Clickmail Marketing.

The Thank You Email

With the holiday season here, people are primed to spend. "However, it's also a really good time to thank your subscribers, without asking anything in return," Clickmail says. "Alternatively, you could offer a special incentive or discount to express your gratitude for their loyalty."

Other calendar days to try this, it said: the anniversary of their relationship with you, their first purchase anniversary, or other holidays honoring special people, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Veterans Day.

Or for no reason at all, if the customer is a valuable one. "Consider integrating a timed thank you email campaign into your email marketing program to reward repeat business and customer loyalty. You could time it to the seasons, creating seasonally appropriate specials offered during each season."

When the Shopping Cart Goes Dark

Another email marketing touch point relevant to this season is when a customer abandons an online shopping cart. Targeting consumers who abandon shopping carts or drop off during the buying process is still not a widespread practice, according to a report from Econsultancy in association with RedEye.

The companies found that only 26% of companies surveyed target these consumers, down about 12% from the 29% who did so in 2010.  Launching an email marketing campaign to woo back shoppers who abandoned a shopping cart is another seldom-used tactic, largely because it can be the most tricky to navigate.

For instance, conventional wisdom is that the best time to send a recovery email to a prospective shopper who abandoned a cart is 48 to 72 hours. SeeWhy, however, says that it is better to respond immediately, or in real time.

The company determined via A/B testing that the same email will perform significantly better when sent in real time. Hopefully, though, a proactive "thank you" email marketing policy will diminish the need to actually use that abandoned shopping cart strategy.


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