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Telcoms, Too? Sprint Launches Pinsight Media+ Ad Service

Sprint yesterday announced the launch of Pinsight Media+, a new ad service that ostensibly gives advertisers the power to reach consumers on their mobile devices in a more personalized way (but don't they all claim that?).

Pinsight Media+ has partnered with Amobee to build a mobile ad platform capable of delivering targeted ads. And with guidance from Digitas, Pinsight Media+ is building an ecosystem wherein brands like WhitePages and ad networks like Jumpap and RedMas can connect with third-party publishers like as AccuWeather, Scout by Telenav and Sprint's 2Zona Latina.

Customer Choice At Center

Sprint claims that at the heart of Pinsight Media+ is the company’s commitment to provide customers choice and control. The new program allows customers to choose whether or not they share anonymous information about how they use their mobile devices.

But Sprint gambles that customers will opt in. "There's value here in sharing your data to get more relevant offers," Dan Polk, director of business development for Sprint's new-ventures group told Ad Age. "What we've seen in the industry is that customers understand that." The ventures group was formed about nine months ago to generate nontraditional revenue streams.

Targeted ads will appear on Sprint-owned and -operated properties (e.g., online and mobile; Sprint Web on-deck portal for mobile; and Sprint Zone), as well as third-party publisher properties.

Sprint customers will continue to see advertisements online and in ad-supported applications and content, regardless of whether they have opted in to receive usage-based targeted ads. The targeted ads will be more relevant to the user’s personal interests.

Telcoms Know Consumers

Sprint's Chief Marketing Officer Bill Malloy introduced the ad service yesterday during a panel discussion at the Mobile Marketing Association’s Smarter Mobile Marketing conference today in New York. Joining him were Trevor Healy, CEO of Amobee, Barry Lee Myers, CEO of AccuWeather, and Chetan Sharma, co-author of the book Mobile Advertising.

"Mobile operators understand consumer behavior very well," said Sharma. "By utilizing the analytics to tightly match consumers' needs and preferences of consumers with hyper-relevant content, offers and advertisements in real-time, it is a win-win for all parties involved."


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