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Tech Bloggers Go Gaga Over Hulu

Easy as pushing play

Monday's working day ended with myriad reviews of Hulu, touted the end of Joost by some.

The video sharing site launched in private beta yesterday.

Ars Technica observes Hulu's videos run smoothly and with few hiccups. Though videos are launched as full episodes, users can cut clips to send to friends, or embed whole shows or films onto their blogs.

Advertisers get the added bonus of having their messages — embedded in the shows, clips and films — spread across the web. Those already aboard include Cisco, GM, Intel, Nissan, Toyota and Procter & Gamble.

Ars Technica embedded a recent episode of The Office for Stateside non-Hulu testers to check out. Adrants also tested the embedding feature, posting the full-length film The Breakfast Club onto AdGabber.

At GigaOM, Om Malik rescinded his previous negativity toward Hulu.

"What it really is trying to do is time shift — and place shift — television on a massive scale. It's basically an attempt to counterbalance the tight control that cable and satellite networks have over distribution," he wrote.

But Adrants critiqued Hulu's censoring of profane content and language in films, observing the experience makes it similar to network television.

Nonetheless, the offering is perceived as a worthy contender for Joost, which requires that users download software onto their computers.

Hulu, on the other hand, is a fully-hosted online offering.

Built by the makers of Kazaa and Skype, Joost was among the more high-profile names competing to marry television to the internet.


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