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Take-Down Requests as Competitive Weapon | Publishers Rue Networks | Tablet and Phone Use Quite Different

DMCA Requests Away!


  • SearchEngineWatch put out a primer on basic search engine commands useful for search campaign research that (gasp) don't require fancy third party search campaign tools.
  • Frivolous DMCA take-down requests flood Google now that its system can be abused to negatively affect competitive links. Google's customer service robots turn out to be poor robot lawyers.


  • Mobile devices behave quite different from one another when considering e-commerce data. Phones see lots of shopping; tablet users appear to be more apt to buy.


  • In-house and agency SEO specialists are bored witless.
  • This is what it looks like when ad ad agency tries to keep it's cool culture in the face of running an actual business.


  • Publishers have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with their network channels.
  • Real-time bidding firms talk about the bigger tide raising all boats, but publishers (see things) more as a coming tsunami more apt to overwhelm them.


  • Facebook's settlement on sponsored stories squeaks by a judge who previously had voiced some skepticism.


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