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Super Bowl Sunday: Tires, Beer Yes. Tech, Not So Much

The Super Bowl, as the saying goes, is watched by many for the ads as well as for the game itself. Then comes the real battle: which ad was the most effective and well-liked, two categories that are not necessarily one in the same. A scan of surveys show a wide variety of thoughts on Sunday night's spots.Ads for Bridgestone Tires, the NFL and Bud Light beer were the three most popular with viewers of the 2011 Super Bowl, according to an online survey from Volkswagen was the only company to place two ads in the top 10 list, number four "Darth Passat" and number seven "Black Beetle."

Following is a list of the top Super Bowl 10 ads ranked by overall popularity with viewers. The score is a metric created by

1. Bridgestone – Saluting Beaver

2. NFL – Best.Fans.Ever.

3. Bud Light – Dog Party

4. Volkswagen – Darth Passat

5. Doritos – Pug Door

6. Walt Disney – On Stranger Tides

7. Volkswagen – Black Beetle

8. Coca Cola – Dragon

9. Snickers – Now My Front Hurts

10. – Chimp Parking

Tech Brings Out Some Hostilities

Tech ads also did well with viewers, namely the jab Motorola took at Apple in its upcoming Xoom tablet computer ad. According to Hulu’s Adzone 2011, 65% of respondents liked the ad. (via CNN).

Interestingly, this category also held some of the most disliked ads including the one for Salesforce: and, The Hulu survey also found.


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