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Splog Swell Causes Waves in Blogosphere

Blog spam - or splog - a problem that's been brewing for months, finally boiled over this week and created a real mess, especially for Google, whose Blogger blog-creation tool and BlogSpot hosting service were used to launch the biggest splog attack to date, clogging RSS readers and manipulating search engine rankings, reports CNET. The scope and sophistication of the attack mark a turning point in the escalating splog wars, and it's not clear what the good guys can do about turning the tide.

The splogger used automated tools to create thousands of fake blogs loaded with links to sites (home mortgage, poker and tobacco sites among them). The intent was to manipulate search results and increase traffic to those sites by fooling search engines, which look for frequently linked-to sites.

Unlike email providers, blogging services can't easily detect and filter out spam, according to Bob Wyman, CTO at blog search and tracking service PubSub. He said the number of RSS feeds that his service sends to subscribers more than doubled during the attack, from the 6 million or so average per day.

Google said in its official Blogger blog that it had deleted more than 13,000 fake blogs during the "spamalanche."


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