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Spammers Offshore CAPTCHA Solving. Time To Consider Something New

Here is another reason why brands should jettison their increasingly-complex and frustrating CAPTCHA security measures: hackers are breaking them in larger numbers and faster than ever. So says Microsoft MVP Troy Hunt at his personal blog.  He points to an article by security researcher Brian Krebs, who talks about how CAPTCHA solving is being outsourced by spammers to services in low cost markets where people are paid $1 for 1,000 CAPTCHAs they break.

Ad Messages Become Part of the Mix

CAPTCHAs also irk the very people they are meant to protect—consumers that want to access content but can’t read the scribbled letters. Companies like Solve Media and NuCaptca are taking advantage of these trends developing products that incorporate brand messaging into these tests.

Brand Recall Increases With Type-Ins

These type-in ads can improve brand recall by 67%, according to a Solve Media report, which analyzed 43 campaigns. These campaigns saw double-digit lift measurements from consumer typing words into CAPTCHA campaigns.


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