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Social Magazine Flipboard Embodies Promise of the iPad

Flipboard is an iPad app that turns a Facebook and Twitter account into something that looks like a magazine. It's a simple concept but the app is becoming one of the most popular on the iPad - for good reason, writes Scobleizer. "This is a very powerful and engaging way to read Twitter. Touch an article and it 'zooms' to reveal more. Touch a video and it plays inline. Turn your iPad and everything reconfigures, even photos switch from vertical to horizontal formats. Touch 'read more on Web' on longer articles and instantly be transported to the original website that was the originator of the information discussed in the tweet."

In short Flipboard fulfills the promise of the iPad, says Read Write Web - but it could be better. It has to figure out how to scale to a crush of users, according to the post. It also needs a priority algorithm as some of the Tweets and Facebook messages being shown are not very interesting "and the interface really makes every one of them look like a must-read."

Finally, it concludes, Flipboard should go beyond eye-candy and embrace some of the best work of the data developer community. "Authentication with Twitter needs to be done without asking a user for their password. Subscription export needs to be supported, both to other platforms like Twitter and in naked XML. Analytics about our reading habits and an API for 3rd parties to build the same would be fabulous."


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