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Siri's Impact on Voice Search and What Google Plans to Do About It

iOS has grabbed 60% of mobile traffic share, according to comScore December data—a fact that has led  Barclays Capital’s Anthony DiClemente to theorize that Siri will eventually erode Google’s mobile search market share, via intoMobile. Right now most of the traffic is customers using iOS devices to search using Google. But as Siri takes a bigger role in iOS, it will tap Bing, Wolfram Alpha and other mobile services for search. This will hurt Google in the long run, DiClemente concludes.

Already, Siri is showing up in all kinds of places. Mercedes Benz described plans to integrate Siri into its "Drive Kit Plus" program at the Mobile World Congress, at Barcelona at the start of the year. The integration will allow drivers to access their iPhone apps using only their voices while driving.

Google Responds with Its Own Voice-enabled App 

Google is planning to release its own voice-enabled application for Android that is similar to Siri by Q4 of this year, perhaps for that reason. Siri has helped to make the iPhone 4S an incredible seller, TechCrunch, which reported on Google’s voice app rumors, noted. The application is rumored to be simply called “Assistant” and it is expected to be able to tap Google’s search engine for knowledge and integrate Google services like Gmail, Google+, and YouTube, TechCrunch said.

Also, developers could integrate Assistant’s features from Assistant into their apps.

Time to Start Thinking about Landing Pages for Voice Search? 

These trends suggest marketers might want to start thinking about landing pages specifically for voice search—and very local customers. Data from Chitika shows that people who search with their voice are nearly three times more likely to be looking for local results–a significant figure considering that 20% of search queries are local.

In another survey, 52% of mobile-local search ads on the xAd network yielded calls to local businesses following the initial click in Q4 2011, compared to 30% for display ads, according to a report released in February 2012 by xAd.


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