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Scammers, Child P0rn Perps Flood Google with 'Forget' Demands | Facebook Ends Silence on Bait-Switch Marketer Complaints


  • We now have data on Google's attempt to deal with Europe's sudden requirement for search engines to scrub references to embarrassing pasts. More than 40,000 requests poured in over the last couple of weeks, with a third of them attempting to hide information on scams and 12 percent dealing with past child pornography charges. Precisely how Google adjudicates those requests will be interesting. There does not appear to be a legal regime to which they need conform, save the likelihood that they may face legal suits from those whose requests they reject.


  • Facebook is answering complaints that it is squelching organic traffic to brand content, indicating in a blog post that the reason behind the enormous negative change for brands has more to do with content and user experience considerations. Which would be more convincing, had the reasons cited happened in a similar timeframe, rather than after the changes. Advertisers once paid lots of money to advertise on Facebook to garner "likes," who acted collectively as a captive audience to some degree. The firm suddenly pulled the plug on traffic from that audience, calling into question the decision to invest those budgets in Facebook in the first place. Facebook's answer to this now is that those "likes" offer the appearance of more social validation for those people who tomorrow see your ad with the little faces underneath, showing friends have previously liked you.

Robot Invasion:

  • JiWire is rebranding to become NinthDecimal. The original name wasn't terribly descriptive of what the firm did (mostly mobile ads in airports at the time), but much conference room time was spent to correct the situation, coming up with NinthDecimal. MarketingVOX offers the firm congratulations and a free logotype idea: 0.00000X. Everyone will naturally associate that with targeting tools and video pre-roll. Perhaps they could also see their way to hire a marketing person. In the meantime, 1^-10 and its tech compatriots will continue to produce firm names that appear to come from a decrypted list of passwords from the 1990s.


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