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RTB Mobile Debuts in Asia

Real-time bidding functionality has been proliferating on the mobile platform – and is now expanding into overseas markets. Adiquity Mobile Ads Platform has launched an RTB exchange for Mobile Ads, the first, it says, from Asia.

The platform’s global ad inventory is accessible through Adiquity’s Ad network partners, transacting seven billion ads a month.Features give media buyers the ability to make auction-based decisions for precisely defined individual ad impressions.

Mobile Ad Growth in the US and Globally

Mobile marketing is a rapidly growing trend, both in the US and overseas. The total amount of money spent by US marketers on mobile advertising and promotions will reach about $56.5 billion by 2015, according to Mobitrove. That expected figure is more than six times the almost $9.3 billion US marketers spent on mobile advertising and promotions in 2010.

Another study, by Unica, shows that other regions can top even those volumes.  More European respondents, it found, said their company currently uses mobile marketing tactics (37%) than North American respondents (29%), reflecting Europe’s more advanced and entrenched mobile infrastructure.

Mobile RTB

For all that growth, real-time bidding for mobile impressions is still in its infancy, although it too is rapidly growing.  MoPub, a mobile advertising startup founded by former AdMob and Google employees, recently launched a real-time bidding auction place for mobile ads. Called MoPub Marketplace, it is a self-service platform that connects app publishers with ad buyers.

Other examples include Turn, which has partnered with Nexage to provide RTB for mobile advertising inventory through its media-buying platform. In August TubeMogul entered into a RTB venture for mobile video ads with Nexage. Earlier this year DataXu launched a mobile RTB platform called DX Mobile.

All of these offerings were preceded by the launch of OpenRTB Mobile at the beginning of the year, a committee of the OpenRTB consortium, dedicated to increasing the adoption of real-time bidding standards in mobile advertising. Members include Nexage, PubMatic, Smaato, DataXu, Fluent Mobile, [x+1]; and ad network Jumptap.


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