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Rocketboom eBay Ad Auction Yields Winners

The winner of video blog (vlog) Rocketboom's eBay ad auction was TRM, an ATM and photocopy services company, which bid $40,000, according to BusinessWeek's Blogspotting (via AdJab). Of course, the vlog itself also played a winning hand. Reportedly, Rocketboom cofounder Andrew Baron is attempting to arrange ad deals with others who bid for ad space.

The eBay auction started at $500 on January 30, climbed to $7,500 within two days, stayed at $14,999.99 on February 2 for six days, then shot up near the end, with the winning bid at $40,000, reports Technology Evangelist, which adds that in a BuzzMachine post Jeff Jarvis "chides big agencies and advertisers with much deeper pockets for not jumping at this unique opportunity."

TechnologyEvangelist also points to some advantages of online video advertising over traditional TV advertising: The audience is more measurable, in many cases the audience is more targeted, and the advertising can be more efficiently integrated with the web.


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